Crushing Codependency

The first step toward change is awareness, the next step is acceptance.

The term codependency has existed for close to 40 years. The common denominator is that you need to have a relationship with someone, personally or professionally, who shares your behaviors. A close second factor are the unspoken implicit rules that are shaped within the family unit and set the stage for those relationships.

So, the definition of a codependent IS: an individual who has allowed the behavior of another person affect them and who is obsessed with controlling that person’s behavior.

Codependency is viewed as a disease. Why? because it is progressive. It may not be an illness, but it will make you sick, and keep the others sick around you. Its also viewed as a disease because codependent behaviors are close to self-destructive behaviors and are HABITUAL. Many repeat habits without much thought, almost like autopilot.

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