I want to share something with you about trauma..Trauma in the inner cities of our nation has become a “stratospheric epidemic.” for our female populations, this is paramount. Many are so angry. We wonder why…could trauma be the culprit? We see the videos on social media glorifying fights, disrespect, and other issues.

Synonyms of stratospheric:
dizzying, excessive, exorbitant, extortionate, extreme, high*, immoderate, inordinate, overpriced, sky-high, stiff, towering, uncalled-for, unconscionable, undue, unmeasurable, unreasonable

Epidemic: an event affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the issue isn’t permanently prevalent but cases are increasing.
Girls exposed to early childhood trauma are:
Four times more likely to find themselves in an abusive relationship, because to many, love means pain or someone beating up on you. To many, some think that this is expected.
Females are seven times more likely to be a substance abuser to cope with the pain.
Some are up to ten times more likely to be sexually exploited than their peers.

On top of this, expose them to a perverse media and the severe lack of support and you have a stratospheric epidemic to deal with.

When you are traumatized, you are so fearful of being hurt or wronged, not only are you controlled by your assumptions, you are ruled by your assumptions.
I passed a junkyard recently, and the images stuck in my head..Cars of all types just twisted up in all types of ways..Our lives had some tragedy, drama, and trauma. Being survivors, some were told to pick up the pieces, but never possessed the ability to. Some of us wished we had a BMW or Mercedes upbringing, but many have not. Realizing that many of us are still “twisted” by the events of our childhood, it comes out in other behaviors that are LEARNED.

You can lose your usefulness but your value never changes..




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