Functional Depressives

Ever since the father has been systematically removed and eliminated from the home during slavery, his role has been diminished as a leader, protector, and influence for his family. 
There was a sinister plan to have the mother fulfill all of the roles of a two-parent household. Fathers were the hunters, gatherers, and providers, while the mothers were the nurturers…because of this, role strain developed. 
With the father emotionally castrated from the family unit, the now-single mother has to be everything to her children, thus a culturally debilitating system of dysfunction was born.
Just take a look at the suicide and homicide rates in the Black community, and you will see that we are a people in crisis. Still further, just take a look at the rates of depression, bipolar & borderline personality disorders in our community, and you will see that our people, a historically faithful people, are now dying from spiritual hunger. Domestic violence and child molestation are two taboo topics that neither African Americans clergy are not willing to discuss openly and honestly, and as to why so many of us are living as “functional depressives.” We don’t talk about the pain and trauma that we experience. We fail to discuss what’s on our minds. And it’s destroying our families. 
American families, especially the Black family is facing extinction because the spiritually-grounded non-materialistic African-American personality is facing extinction. Two spiritually unhealthy individuals cannot build a healthy family.  With 5 out of 10 African American men behind bars, it’s a crisis. 
It’s just like a functional alcoholic or functional drug addict…Despite the pain and trauma or addiction, they still function, but there is no health expression of feelings. 
Christopher M. McNeil, MHS, QMHP, BS

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