Our men aren’t “thugs.” What you are seeing is male anger coupled with pain. The anger isn’t expressed properly because their pain and trauma hasn’t been addressed. Their behavior labels them so. Pray for our men that their hearts be softened..I am tired of seeing good men acting cold.

Stages of Grief

Kubler-Ross (1969) identified five stages of grief:

First is denial, which their emotions are suppressed, refusal to cry, or pretend the event didn’t exist
or happen.

The second stage is anger, which comprises of the individual lashing out, or being verbally or physically aggressive toward others.

The next step is bargaining, which in this case the person forever wonders if their family member will ever show back up in their life. They ask questions such as “I wish my family member would come around the corner and show up. I want them to show up today.”

The next stage is depression:
The final stage is acceptance. After time, individuals end up accepting the situation, pick up the pieces, and continue forging forward in life.