Good Psych moment:
Part of this reference is a little dated but profound:
Stop drinking the putrid Kool-aid about our communities not changing, or the people in those communities not wanting to change.
Ross (1967) states that people want to and CAN change. It’s up to you to influence who and what is around you.
People SHOULD participate in making, adjusting, or controlling the major changes taking place IN THEIR communities. BUT THEY DONT…
Man should grow and fulfill himself as he participates in the regulation of his OWN life.
2. Unless man participates in the regulation of his own life, he becomes entirely subjected to the whim and forces which leave him socially and politically isolated and his life is meaningless.
3. Without such participation, democracy has no life or vitality..

Communities of people can develop the capacity to deal with their own problems.
The implication is that communities of people, even if they feel hopeless, can develop attitudes AND skills which permit them to work effectively at the task of shaping their communities more adequately to meet their needs. Even in depressed neighborhoods, people have demonstrated the capacity to work and function as a unit.

Ross (1967). Community organization: Theory, Principles and Practice. 2nd Ed. New York: Harper & Row.

#getmoving #changeisforthebetter #accept

Signed, a qualified mental health professional! (QMHP)

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