At an outreach earlier, I spoke to an educator who teaches in the local community. He said that he felt like a social worker more than a teacher. I felt for him and I understand. I stated that in order to be effective in reaching youth that are affected, we need to fill the belly before we can fill the mind. He agreed.

If a child hasn’t eaten since lunch at school YESTERDAY, and hasn’t had a good night sleep, and had to duck and dodge bullets, drug pushers, etc on the way to school, the last thing they want to hear is how to multiply 10 times 10. They want to know where they going to eat, if I’m going to be safe, and if I can arrive home safely, and if my home is going to be safe when I get there. There will be no learning when 30 heads are hurting and 30 bellies are rumbling. A new appreciation for educators and administrations has been birthed today.

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