Recently, I facilitated a session with a family and it centered around control issues.
One of the questions that was presented was, Why do individuals feel a need to control their environment? To stay safe!!!! Staying on the high horse of control allows you to exist in a sphere of false security. Some cannot feel normal without having some sort of control. Many have severe boundary issues and when tested, you will see the true colors. Controlling individuals can show you better than telling you.
Moodiness is another sign of a controlling individual. When happiness is abounding, but yet, in the middle of the joy, the hurt comes back in their mind. There may be some cognitive deficits preventing them from experiencing normal thoughts and relationships.
Their perceived hurts and victimization exposes them like a pink coat in a snowstorm. You never know what direction they are coming from, and it’s not your fault.
Controlling individuals aren’t well versed in giving compliments, and controlling individuals don’t want you to feel good about yourself due to the attention being off of them. When it is time to offer a compliment, it’s very curt and is negative in nature.

If you are good looking and the individual in control isn’t so good looking, your life may become unbearable. It will be very difficult to accept compliments, social media will be an issue, and a lot of “green” behavior will abound. Healthy relationships are in jeopardy.
Many controlling individuals want to control their environment simply because they want to minimize their risk of being hurt or victimized. It’s time to stop covering up the scabs of past hurts and allow someone in your life to disciple you and real discipleship scrapes away the dead skin and exposes new skin. STOP COVERING UP YOUR HURT!! It’s killing you!!! God is in the healing business, not the hurting business.


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