50 Billion….

Prison is a 50 billion dollar business..they have to keep the beds filled.
Where are they built? Rural areas. Away from loved ones.
Who is in control there? No one that can relate to the prisoner.
How many men of color are represented behind bars? Over 50 percent…the next 9 years are crucial for the 3rd grade boys of color because 50 percent will drop out, meaning high school and college will be less of a reality. The chances of them earning slow money diminishes when the chance to earn fast money increases.
We need to give our children a heads up. We are going on 3 generations of our men of color being locked down…if I had 10 sons, 7 are at risk for doing time…it’s time to save our boys..too many men behind bars that look like me.
It’s not my son today, but one day it could be and I hope we care enough to make sure all of our sons are making good choices and avoiding getting a record.
This is why behavior in school is crucial. Many are failing tests because they cannot comprehend what’s on the test, so the negative behavior becomes a coping mechanism of sorts, to mask the behavior.. I can remember the individuals that were in my third grade class who were failing and acting up are dead or in jail AND were fatherless…we gotta get the dads back on their jobs…..

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