Cycles of Dysfunction- Trauma

I want to talk about a subject that is continuing to keep the cycles of dysfunction going around. It’s a 6 letter word called:
Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.
In medicine, it’s physical injury.

Trauma is a situation or a memory that you want to forget, but CAN’T!!
The sad part about trauma is that it occurs, individuals are wounded, damaged, and injured physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some never get help for their trauma, as they never heal.

The sad part about trauma is that people know it happened to them or others, but won’t pick their head out of the sand. We allow it to happen, but don’t do anything to heal for it.

Think about a good memory, a memory that is pleasant, good, and an awesome experience. You remember every detail about the experience, and you want to tell everyone about what happened!
Well, trauma works the opposite, the setting is negative, the abused doesn’t want to tell because they are wounded and embarrassed. Many say, If I try to forget about what happened, it will go away.”
Many turn to risky lifestyles, drugs and alcohol to numb their pain.

This behavior has been occurring in our communities for too long. Abuse is something that keeps on giving.
They may want to tell someone, however, they are afraid to, and usually the abuser is someone the abused knows. You remember the season, time of year, the time of day the traumatic event occurred.
Date and time of a traumatic experience can affect the baseline (normal) behavior of the individual. Individuals who have experienced trauma tend to have flashbacks, reminders of the negative experiences often show up at the time the trauma occurred.
We see this often in individuals who have a diagnosis of depression, mood disorders, etc.
When you are trying to get to the root of a behavior, usually without someone telling you verbally, their non-verbal behavior will help tell the story.
When uncovering and using reframing and clarification, one can point out the behavior as the “smokescreen” that masks their true feelings.
When identifying patterns of behavior, don’t overlook that the behavior could be the result of a traumatic experience.
Abuse is a gift that keeps on giving. Let’s return the gift and exchange abuse for healing. Healing cannot occur unless there is exposure of the root.


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